Nutramigen with Enflora LGG Hypoallergenic Infant Formula, Box Sample Kit

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Nutramigen LGG Infant Formula is a hypoallergenic formula for babies with an allergy to cow's milk protein.

It’s specially formulated to provide the nourishment your baby needs for healthy development, while reducing the colic she may be experiencing due to a cow’s milk protein allergy.

Nutramigen LGG Infant Formula can also help reduce the incidence of future allergy challenges.*

  • Fast relief NOW. Fewer allergy challenges LATER
  • Starts to manage colic in as early as the first feeding, with 90% of infants improving within 48 hours
  • Helps babies return to consuming milk protein without an allergic response
  • Hypoallergenic—suitable for babies with lactose intolerance
  • Also available in convenient, ready-to-use bottles
*Asthma, eczema, rhino-conjunctivitis, and urticaria at three years
†Studied without DHA, ARA, and LGG