Enfamil Breastfed Infant Probiotics & Vitamin D
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LGG & BB-12 Probiotics | Supports your baby's Immune & Digestive system
Vitamin-D supports strong bones
#1 Infant Vitamin Brand
No artificial flavors | No artificial sweeteners | No silicone dioxide | No added sucrose
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Mix with Food, Breast Milk, of Infant Formula
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Enfamil® Breastfed Infant Probiotics & Vitamin D

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Enfamil Breastfed Infant Probiotics & Vitamin D

Enfamil Infant Dual Probiotics are designed to help support your baby’s gut and immune health with a dual probiotic blend and Vitamin D which are important for healthy development* in both breast and formula fed babies.

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Our Enfamil Infant Dual Probiotics have a unique dual probiotic blend contains BB-12 and LGG cultures to help support your little one’s immune system* along with Vitamin D to complements breast milk and formula. Probiotics are often called 'beneficial' bacteria because they’re the good guys in the gut working hard to help keep it healthy. But it’s easy for an infant’s system to get out of balance, and for the “bad” bacteria in the gut to start causing problems because their digestive systems are still developing. Using Enfamil Dual Probiotics as part of your baby’s routine can help add beneficial bacteria in their gut and help support healthy development.* Infant Probiotic with Vitamin D complements breast milk and formula for optimal nutrition to help babies to support your baby's immune health, digestive health and help support strong bones.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

BB-12 studied in breast fed infants for 28 days.

Clinical studies in LGG® and BB-12® probiotics individually, given in probiotic supplement or formula and/or toddler years.

Has LGG® & BB-12® probiotics: Two of the most clinically studied probiotics
Vitamin D to complement breast milk and formula for optimal nutrition to help babies build strong bones*
LGG® has been associated with a lower risk for respiratory infection and diarrhea
BB-12 has been shown to help reduce respiratory infections
Helps reduce colic, fussiness and crying*
Probiotics clinically shown to support the immune system†,‡
Designed to support the digestive system where nutrient absorption occurs
Only 6 drops a day to help support your baby’s development*
From the maker of Enfamil, the #1 pediatrician recommended infant formula