[19620356194366]Enfamil Sensitive Infant Formula 19.5 oz
[19620356227134]Enfamil Sensitive Infant Formula 19.5 oz Case of 4
[19620356259902]Enfamil Sensitive Infant Formula Refill Box 29.4 oz
[19620356292670]Enfamil Sensitive Infant Formula Refill Box 29.4 oz Case of 4
#1 Trusted brand by Pediatricians* | #1 Recommended Formula Brand by Moms for Moms
Designed to help ease fussiness due to Lactose Sensitivity. For Sensitive Tummies.
#1 Pediatrician Recommended Infant Formula Brand for Brain Building & Immune Support
[19620356259902,19620356292670] Nutrients, Vitamins, Minerals & Ingredients
[19620356194366,19620356227134]Nutrients, Vitamins, Minerals & Ingredients
Sensitive nutrition for fuss-free moments. 2'-fl HMO for Immune support, Brain Building omega-3 DHA and Easy to digest proteins
#1 Trusted Infant Formula Brand by Pediatricians & Parents
Available in different Formats & Sizes
[19620356194366,19620356227134]Makes 31 4fl oz bottles
[19620356259902,19620356292670] Nutrients, Vitamins, Minerals & Ingredients
[19620356194366,19620356227134]Nutrients, Vitamins, Minerals & Ingredients

Enfamil® Sensitive Infant Formula

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Enfamil Sensitive Infant Formula

Enfamil Sensitive is our easy-to-digest formula specially designed for lactose sensitivity* that has brain-building Omega-3 DHA global experts recommend.

Our Sensitive formula has easy-to-digest proteins and has Omega 3 DHA to help support brain development. It’s specially formulated for those with lactose sensitivity* and is gluten-free so you can prepare it with peace of mind.

*Not for infants with galactosemia

World Health Organization recommended amount of DHA is 0.2% - 0.36% of total fatty acids.

Available Formats and Sizes

Get our Enfamil Sensitive Infant Formula in the perfect size to fit your needs. Enfamil Sensitive Infant Formula is available in powder in 19.5 oz tubs and in 29.4 oz refill boxes. The bulk options of cases of 4 are also available.

Easy-to-digest proteins, specially designed for sensitive tummies
Has expert-recommended Omega-3 DHA
Has vitamins C & E, and selenium to support immune health
Enfamil is the #1 pediatrician-recommended formula brand
The tub has a removable lid and is dishwasher safe for continued use. Refills are available for purchase
Enfamil reduces its environmental impact by using 100% recycled paperboard for our refill boxes